Face recognition based authentication as a service

Face recognition technology greatly reduces the need to manually login with passwords, while providing superior security and functionality compared to passwords and other biometrics.
FACE2 provides a hosted face recognition service that allows developers to use simple REST API interface to authenticate users. FACE2 also provides WordPress plugins to use FACE2 as a replacement of user passwords as well as using face recognition as a second factor in two-factor authentication.

About FACE2

FACE2 provides a simple REST API service that allows you enabling face recognition based authentication on your website.

You can use our API to develop your own code, or use our WordPress plugin. All you need is a FACE2 account and an API key.

Easy to use. No downloads, no smartphone apps. Only a webcam and a modern web browser is needed.

Accuracy? You decide! FACE2 API will return a face comparison percentage. It is up to you which percentage is enough to log in.

A face as a password! FACE2 can be used as a replacement of users' passwords.

FACE2 can be used as a two-factor authentication mechanism using face recognition as a second factor.

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